1. Astronomical Algorithms, 2nd Edition. Jean Meeus.
  2. Planetary theories in rectangular and Spherical variables. VSOP 87 solutions. P. Bretagnon and G Francou.
  3. Multi-Language VSOP87 Source Code Generator Tool.
  4. Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac. P. Kenneth Seiselmann
  5. CalSky website. (no longer available)
  6. TheSkyX software.
  7. Occult4 software.
  8. Time keeping on Mars.
  9. Time on Mars


 Version History 

 Version 3.2.8        26-Jan-2021.    Current version as of updating this document.

 Version 2.5.10      22-Feb-2019.    

 Version 2.4.7        5-Dec-2018.

 Version 2.2.16     31-Jan-2018.

 Version 2.0.40     28-May-2017.   First version released to the Microsoft Store.

 Version 1.0.0        6-Apr-2016.      First draft of SkyView by merging together some earlier software packages such as LatLong-UTM and GPS-Locate.