Skyview is a 64 bit application for computers running Windows-10. It also requires the Windows-10 version 1809 or later. The Skyview software is free download.

The easiest way to install this software is via the Microsoft Store as from the link below.

However, the Microsoft Store is not available to everyone, so an alternative download option is also provided here.


2.1  Microsoft Store Download

Skyview can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store for Windows-10.

It is a single step process. Click on  to download and install.  


2.2  Alternative Download

An extra step has to be taken prior to installing the software from the download link provided below.


Step-1: Allow installing Apps that are not from the Microsoft Store.

  • If you have a recent version of Windows-10, then it may be enabled by default.
  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Apps & Features.
  • In the question "Choose where to get apps", select "Anywhere"


Step-2: Download and Install the software.

  • click on "Install for 64" link on the download page.

 Also see "Troubleshoot Installation" for additional information on side-loading apps from Microsoft.


2.3  Make a Donation

The version of SkyView downloaded from this website is a fully functional and operational application, but a US$10.00 donation using PayPal will be appreciated to support the development. Many thanks for your consideration.